Quality higher education is key to individual and national success. Yet for most African students, it is an unattainable dream. Help IUGB make this dream a reality for more students.

A Critical Shortage

Only 8%

of eligible students in Africa are able to attend university compared to 75% in North America or Europe and the world average of 30%.

In West Africa, there are not enough university seats for most graduating high school students. When a student is admitted to a quality university, this is a dramatic achievement on its own.

Even so, the lack of quality higher education and student funding prevent the majority of deserving students from attending and completing university.

IUGB is Addressing the Need with Vision and Impact

IUGB is Addressing the Need with Vision and Impact

Empowering Students to Lead 
in a New Workforce with Career-Oriented Academic Programs

IUGB offers six degree programs through its two schools:

  • School of Business and Social Sciences
  • School of Science, Tech, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

IUGB’s University Preparatory Program supports students needing additional support for college readiness.

Making a College Degree Possible for More Students with Vital Scholarship Programs

Demand for financial aid at IUGB is higher than the supply. IUGB supports economic parity by providing financial aid to those who need it. However, funds are limited. With your help, we can do more.

Closing Gaps in Gender and Economic Equality

In West Africa, women’s access to higher education has traditionally been limited. IUGB supports gender and economic parity with equal opportunities for all students.

Responding to ever-changing needs with investment and expansion in key areas

  • Academic Programs
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • Technology, Resources, and Facilities
  • Research, Partnership, and Study Abroad Programs
  • Career Support and Networking for Students and Alumni


IUGB Foundation Partners with Goodwings for Your Travel Needs

IUGB Foundation Partners with Goodwings for Your Travel Needs

IUGB Foundation is excited to announce our partnership with Goodwings, a purpose-driven hotel booking site that gives you access to 365,000+ hotels. Goodwings makes it easy and free for you and/or your company to support IUGB Foundation when you book hotel rooms. They...

IUGB Foundation presents Planning for the Future 2019

IUGB Foundation presents Planning for the Future 2019

A conversation about education, entrepreneurship and employment in Africa with Elozi Lomponda, CEO of Books on Canoes operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo and a team member of the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs in Belgium, Leila Ndiaye, President...


I will always be grateful to everyone at IUGB for making my life a success and for continuously supporting me. Naturally, I want a PhD so that I can join important organizations like the World Bank Group, where my future work on policy issues can have as much impact as possible.”