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What We Need Most


IUGB needs help in developing all aspects of the University including the physical infrastructure, the academic program, academic supplies and materials, faculty and staff development and financial aid and scholarships for students.

However, the Foundation’s top priority is to provide scholarships for qualified students who require financial assistance to attend IUGB.  This is of critical importance since providing equal access to students irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion or economic status is central to the University’s vision of establishing a regional center of higher education excellence.  Most IUGB students need some form of financial aid and our goal is help as many of these students as possible.

While most of the funds raised in the first three-five years will be devoted to student scholarships, a small amount of these funds may be used to supplement faculty and staff recruitment to maintain high standards and to expand teaching and learning capacity.

The Foundation also will respond to other University needs consistent with the purposes of the Foundation and deemed necessary for support student success.