The world has been turned upside down by the global pandemic and we have been asked to stay home and safe plus focus on local efforts to minimize the effects of COVID-19. At the same time, the global nature of the pandemic has shown us that we must work together to develop and launch a vaccine and learn from each other about the prevention and management of a pandemic. Furthermore, we are experiencing protests calling for racial equality while others are pushing for putting nationalistic needs first. With a global pandemic plus social and economic unrest around us, what will we teach the students in Georgia about history, biology, social justice and globalization?

How do we ensure that educational institutions have access to faculty and students from all over the world and global collaboration and engagement continues? What are the challenges and opportunities of global understanding and learning under the current travel, visa and political restrictions?

What are the current challenges and opportunities in international education in Georgia’s school system? Is education the answer to world peace and a pandemic-free world? We will answer these questions and much more during our webinar.


  • Dean J. Fusto, Brandon Hall School
  • Patrick Wallace, Georgia Department of Education World Languages and Global/Workforce Initiatives
  • DeShawn Dominique Jenkins, D.D Jenkins Consulting
  • Bob McCormick, Atlanta Institute of Diplomatic Leadership

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