Webinar: How private universities in Francophone Africa are coping with COVID-19?

Our panelists were: Koffi N’da of International University of Grand-Bassam (IUGB)Kader Kaneye of African Development University – ADU, Drissa Ouedraogo of ISMA – Institut Supérieur de Management, Leonard Wantchekon of African School of Economics, Marieme Diop of Dalberg Talent Academy

Key Takeaways from The Webinar

  • We must include the students’ perspectives as we re-imagine the future of education in Africa.
    • The pandemic has given institutions the opportunity to develop or improve their online teaching and learning offerings.
    • African education needs to have a student-centered service mentality which is crucial to success and problem-solving.
    • We can’t navigate a crisis alone. Partnerships are key.
    • Private sector and governments play a key role in solving the equity and access issues.
    • Proudly African with a global scope is a prevalent and inspiring mantra for education.
    • There is talent in Africa, and it must be harnessed for Africa’s development.
    • Bilingual students and professionals are indispensable.
    • Private and public universities in Africa need to collaborate and maximize their individual competitive advantage for the benefit of the African student.
    • Training professors and students is necessary to help them optimize online learning and teaching.
    • We must bring down the cost of accessing online spaces to improve global access to information and develop local content.
    • Thoughtful, contextualized blended learning and teaching methods are the future of higher education