Why We Give

Dr. William E. Fitzgibbon, III

Chairman of the Board, IUGB Foundation

“As IUGB Foundation Chairman, it is essential to demonstrate my support for IUGB students. I know 100% of my contribution helps IUGB Foundation level the playing field of education for students from under-resourced backgrounds.”

Cherise Y. Peters

Advisory Board Member, IUGB Foundation

“As an IUGB Advisory Board member, I have a passion for higher education and global education equity which is why I support IUGB. I love to share with others how my financial and intellectual contributions help a deserving student get the education she requires for success.”

Dr. Sidney E. Harris

Former Chairman of the Board, IUGB Foundation

“My academic experiences have taught me that investing in higher education is the ingredient for national and international success.”

Kathy Parker

“I have a long personal and professional history with Cote d’Ivoire… I decided it was a good time to invest in the future through scholarship support to young Ivoirians, especially women, studying at a local, English-language institution of higher learning.”