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Miss AIZAN Azanne Ange Audrey Roxane
I gained a lot from my journey here.

Miss AIZAN Azanne Ange Audrey Roxane


I am Aizan Azanne Ange Audrey Roxane. I was admitted to the International University of Grand Bassam in September 2014 as a UPP student, then, in January 2015, I started as a freshman and graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management.

IUGB was a good investment for my parents, because I learned so much about my field of study and became fluent in English. As a student ambassador, I was involved in plenty of activities such as career days and the beach cleaning program organized by the US Embassy and Coca-Cola. I was also a member of the Student Government Association and president of the Religious Club for two years.

IUGB offers work study positions to students with a good grade point average; therefore I was able to work as a residential assistant. IUGB was a good experience for me, I gained a lot from my journey here and I am on my way to start another path. I want to thank all the people around me who have always been there to help out and give good advice.

My journey that began here has come to a positive end. I am now moving to the next level of my life with the knowledge I acquired at IUGB. I thank my parents, friends, teachers and others for putting me on the right path…we part to meet and meet to part again.

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