Alumni Success Stories

Miss Adjoba Marie Emilienne ADIKO
I believe that I can make a change. I believe I can be the change.

Adjoba Marie Emilienne ADIKO


I was born on September 18, 1996, and I am the last sibling of 7 children. I have always been a determined person and that’s why, I decided to sit for my A ‘level exam early in 11th  grade, before the end of my high school, and I succeeded.

I had the opportunity to study at the “Université de l’Amitié des Peuples” in Russia but I decided to stay in my country in order to understand better our realities and the needs of the population. I want to devote my life and career to help build my country through economic and social policies that will be beneficial to the people. The opportunity I had to get a good quality of education at the International University of Grand-Bassam strengthened my decision to stay. I majored in Political Science major and for me, it was the best choice to achieve my dreams and make a difference.

During my time at IUGB, I stood out by becoming President of the Political Science club and responsible for the academic affairs at the Student Government Association. I designed programs to get students interested in political activism and academic activities. I won a Leadership Prize at the spring 2015 student Gala night.

IUGB helped me develop skills such as perspicacity, leadership, and writing which I was able to use in the non-academic world. In 2016, I started a blog to share my involvement in political and social activities. I am now one of the most cited bloggers in Cote d’Ivoire. I received the African Talent Award of the best blogger of the year 2017.

I believe that I can make a change. I believe I can be the change.

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