1. What are your plans after you graduate? 
I plan to do my master’s degree and PhD.

2. What was your favorite subject and why? 
International Security. It is my favorite subject because it explained the security issue of west Africa both in terms of human security,terrorism, religion fundamentalism and bad governance. This course made me understand that the security issue of Africa is based on bad political influence. And, it also changed my view on how I perceive terrorists.

3. Online teaching and learning vs in-person teaching and learning vs hybrid? Which do you prefer and why? 
I definitely prefer the in-person teaching, however, I was able to understand and adapt to online teaching because of the current situation. The hybrid system is also very cool because I am able to have enough time to myself to read and make personal research while meeting my professor once in a week to get feedback on the research I do. Currently, I am writing my capstone and I meet my professor to discuss the progress of my paper and I really appreciate the way it is because I have enough time away from the stress of going to class.

4. How has your life changed during Covid 19? 
Honestly speaking, there is not much change for me because I have always been the kind of person who is mostly on her own while also being an extrovert. The only change is the fact that I’m not able to meet up with friends, which messed up my mental state, but I’m good now.

5. Tell us one thing that you like about yourself.
I like the fact that I am open-minded and ambitious.

6. If you could solve one problem in the world, what would it be?
It would definitely be a human security issue. I really want to provide solutions to vulnerable people around the world, especially in Africa.

7. What is your favorite place on campus or in Grand Bassam and why?
My favorite place in Grand Bassam is the beach. This is because the beach is the only place I’m able to unwind and feel nature.