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Mr. Rodrigo ISLAS is a Senior Lecturer in the University Preparatory Program at IUGB. He holds an MA in TESOL, from Universidad Andres Bello, Concepcion, Chile (2014) and a Bachelor’s degree in Teacher Education of Foreign languages from the University of Concepcion, Concepcion, Chile (2000). His research interests include: Neuroscience applied to education, Technology integration and language learning, Cross-cultural understanding and communications, Content and Language Integrated learning and Bilingual Education. He has taught in various educational contexts, with (15) years of teaching experience.

Mr. ISLAS is also an ESL/EFL professional with a wide experience in curriculum design, use of ICTs in language learning and cross-cultural projects in education and community service. He was previously a Language Curriculum Consultant at the University of Biobio and lecturer at the EFL Teacher Education program at the University of Talca, Chile. His research interests include Neuroscience applied to education; Technology integration and language learning; Cross-cultural understanding and communications; Content and Language Integrated learning and Bilingual Education.