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Annual tuition (plus fees) at IUGB is $7,000 for full time students, and this can be an obstacle for many exceptional and deserving students who have a compelling need for support. For many of our students, receiving a scholarship makes the difference that allows them the opportunity to receive a college degree from a strong educational institution.

Any amount you give counts towards making an impact to our students.

Why set up a scholarship fund?

Establishing a Scholarship Fund can provide a source of funding for deserving students in need while providing a valuable sense of recognition and accomplishment to the donor.

Types of Scholarship Support

Gifts to Scholarship Funds are completely tax-deductible under U.S. law and can be made on an annual basis (renewable every year) or permanently endowed.

  • A much-needed donation of $9,999 or less can make the difference between prosperity and a life filled with frustration and unrealized dreams for college-age students in Africa. IUGB is preparing young people for the present and the future with a solid education. Right now, only 5% of our students have access to scholarship. The need for scholarship for potential students is closer to 70%. We will need your help to close this gap.
  • An Annual Named Scholarship provides direct funding which is renewable from year to year. To name a fund with specific criteria based on gender or the degree a deserving student can seek, we ask for a minimal commitment of $20,000 annually. These gifts are awarded in full in the year they are donated.
  • An Endowed Named Scholarship can establish a fund that will provide ongoing support. A minimum donation of $50,000 will provide approximately $2,000 in scholarship support each year after an initial first year of maturity. Gifts at this level and higher will establish a named fund in perpetuity.

Recognition and criteria

Many donors who create Named Scholarship Funds do this to honor or recognize individuals and corporations with criteria that reflect their interests. 

Click here to review the criteria to receive an IUGB Foundation Scholarship.

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