IUGB provides critical higher education opportunities to male and female students. In a region where only 8% of eligible students are enrolled, we’re working to close this gap.

Dramatically increasing our number of students educated

students in 2007

students in 2020

goal for students in 2026

An IUGB Student says

I will always be grateful to everyone at IUGB for making my life a success and for continuously supporting me. Naturally, I want a PhD so that I can join important organizations like the World Bank Group, where my future work on policy issues can have as much impact as possible.”

Building a Community of Achievers

71 students on the President’s List
70 students on Deans’ Lists
41 students with High Honors

Attracting Dedicated and Quality Faculty

97 total faculty members
42 total faculty members with a PhD
21 female faculty members
3 female faculty members with a PhD

Expanding our Campus Buildings and Infrastructure

IUGB’s growth has been rapid and shows no signs of slowing. From 17 students in 2007, the University now has 809 enrolled. This growth is expected to triple in the next ten years. To address this crucial need, IUGB is seeking financing and strategic partners for state-of-the art facilities to house our students and our academic programs.


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Please complete this 1-question survey.

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Q & A with IUGB Senior Islamiat Temilade Kodiri

Q & A with IUGB Senior Islamiat Temilade Kodiri

1. What are your plans after you graduate?  I plan to do my master’s degree and PhD. 2. What was your favorite subject and why?  International Security. It is my favorite subject because it explained the security issue of west Africa both in terms of human...