In mere weeks, the world was presented with an unprecedented global pandemic that changes course every minute and is affecting every single person on planet earth.   COVID-19’s impact is felt as there is increased solidarity across borders and languages in determining solutions, critical and independent thinking, passion and leadership.

The Association of African Universities (AAU) noted in a recent message that several African universities are actively participating in high-end research towards finding a cure for COVID-19.  Rapid response teams are being formed, and Makerere University in Uganda has developed a dedicated website to provide Africa with facts and research-based information on COVID-19.  The IUGB Foundation social media platform is full of information and resources to help you navigate this difficult period.

Please check the links AAU has recommended as good resources for information on COVID-19 and for educational opportunities.


  1. Various resources are provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) (
  2. National Centers for Diseases Control in African countries (e.g. Nigeria Centre for Disease Control is on Twitter via @NCDCgov)
  3. The Commonwealth of Learning various Resources and Tools on the COVID-19 crisis:
  4. Free access to the scientific literature on COVID-19:
  5. EDUCAUSE Resource Web Page on COVID-19:
  6. The Chinese Experience in Maintaining Undisrupted Learning in COVID-19 Outbreak: