IUGB Foundation is excited to announce our partnership with Goodwings, a purpose-driven hotel booking site that gives you access to 365,000+ hotels.

Goodwings makes it easy and free for you and/or your company to support IUGB Foundation when you book hotel rooms. They redirect at least a 1/3 of every booking commission to organizations like IUGB Foundation. All at no extra cost to you. Goodwings gives you the best prices and a free contribution to IUGB Foundation every time you book! Make your favorite charity IUGB Foundation today and watch dollars pour into scholarships for under-resourced students at IUGB.

What you Support

100% of your donation goes towards our scholarship fund. At least 70% of our incoming students urgently need a scholarship to attend IUGB. A scholarship can be the difference between success and unfulfilled promises and dreams. In the long run, a university degree positively benefits the student, his/her family, and the nation. The IUGB Foundation wants to decrease inequality and increase prosperity in Africa. Education is an important element in the fight against poverty.

All you need to do is activate your profile and start booking.

Activate your profile now and support the IUGB Foundation!  Happy booking!