The IUGB Foundation assists IUGB alumni in the Atlanta area in identifying opportunities for career and educational advancement. The Foundation invited IUGB graduate and recent Ph.D recipient from Georgia State University Dr. Aurelie Akossi to attend the VII Annual Global Health Summit hosted by the World Affairs Council of Atlanta and the Center for International Strategic Studies (CSIS).

This event was of great interest to Dr. Aurelie Akossi because she defended her Ph.D earlier this year on applied mathematics in epidemiology and a featured topic was “Healthier World, Safer America: A US Government Roadmap for International Action to Prevent the Next Pandemic”. Her attendance helped her learn more about career opportunities within her field of expertise. She also met and established contacts with many local and national top-level health professionals for networking and mentoring.

Dr. Akossi spoke one-on-one with professional contacts including Dr. Rebecca Martin, who presented on the rising threat of infectious disease in urban centers. For both women, it was certainly a meeting of the minds on areas of shared passion. Dr. Akossi stated, “I’m so glad I got to attend and meet Dr. Martin and others. I am still exploring career opportunities, but this gave me the chance to see how epidemiology is being applied in current health efforts.”