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From The Chairman

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and to learn about the IUGB Foundation.  As an educator devoted to preparing students around the world for the responsibilities of global leadership, I am honored to be a member of the Board of Directors and to serve as the first Chair of the IUGB Foundation.

Throughout the western world the institutional capacity and financial resources needed to meet the demands of the global workforce are substantial. However, in the developing world, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, where only five percent of eligible students have the opportunity to attend a college or university, this is not the case.   It is critical to expand educational opportunities for these youth, especially in the fields of mathematics, science, technology, liberal arts and ethics.

In Cote d’Ivoire, on Africa’s West coast, a new university has emerged that is making impressive strides in providing high quality education to help students realize their dreams and to produce well-trained graduates essential for national and regional development.  This institution, The International University of Grand Bassam (IUGB), has a solid foundation, but there is still much to be done.

At this juncture, IUGB’s greatest need is for funding to enable qualified students without financial means to attend.  The IUGB Foundation was created by a group of business and academic leaders in the United States and Cote d’Ivoire to help fulfill this need. The Foundation also aims to build the International University of Grand-Bassam into a top notch self-sustaining institution that will model best practices for other higher education institutions in Cote d’Ivoire and the West African sub-region. Not only will this help develop global leaders of tomorrow, it also will help prepare and empower Africans to take the development of the continent into their own hands.

I invite you to learn more about IUGB, and then consider contributing to this worthy endeavor.

Sincerely yours,

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