Our Spring community event gave all of our guests opportunities to make new friends, and all who attended learned a lot about how to jumpstart a dream career. Dr. Tullier and Ms. Primus proved their career building chops and provided fascinating career anecdotes as Amini Kajunju presented them with thought-provoking questions.

Ms. Primus and Ms. Tullier gave thoughtful, often humorous, answers to the guided questions.  They acknowledged that even after years in a focused career, there were breakthrough moments that led to their ‘true calling’ and/or different roles. Both speakers acknowledged that a love of words, language and reading were paramount in their respective choices of counseling and media careers and both acknowledged the importance of honest self-assessment. Mentorship and its importance were discussed. The speakers’ transparency and frequent humor were remarkable. A spirited Q&A from guests followed the discussion. Ms. Raeha Kim, Executive Director of Millennial Chamber of Commerce, provided a fresh perspective on millennial attitudes toward business and entrepreneurship and a very lively interchange between all age groups on the subject of work ethics followed.  At the end of the presentation Ms. Kajunju and Ms. Berry presented the speakers with gifts.

We extend a big thank you to our speakers and to each of our guests. All of us had a wonderful time meeting new friends, and benefited from this excellent professional advice.  Please stay tuned for announcements on a future community event later in 2019!