Even a stormy, cold Atlanta evening on Thursday, December 13 could not deter 30 plus people from gathering to mingle in the lovely home of Vanessa Masters-Prempeh, IUGB Foundation Advisory Board member.  The event, “Be Inspired by IUGB,” featured a presentation by IUGB alumni Claykam Berte, Sarran Deigna and Mariam Fofana, who shared their thoughts on what IUGB meant to them.  Among the uplifting thoughts were the words of alumnus Claykam Berte, who expressed perfectly his sentiments by stating: “When you give to IUGB Foundation you aren’t just giving to a student, you are investing in a movement for Africa’s future.” Another wonderful part of the evening was the opportunity for our old and new supporters to meet and hear stories from our IUGB alumni, as well as the chance for all to have enjoyable conversations over delicious refreshments.

Indeed, our IUGB family of supporters has the privilege of seeing firsthand how a superior education and the necessary soft skills prepare our students and alumni to become successful and productive.  We wish you all of the love and light that these wonderful young graduates bring into our world.  We hope you will be inspired to learn more about, and eventually join the IUGB family of friends and supporters.  We are grateful for the presence of each person who attended.  We thank Vanessa for an unforgettable evening!  Click here to enjoy some photos from our evening!