Ms. Daoud Saphyra DIABATE, senior student, BA in Political Science, has been admitted to attend the Athens Democracy Forum at the Deree-The American College of Greece, Athens, on September 28-30, 2022. She is among the 24 students who have been selected following a call for applications addressed to the 30 member institutions of the Global Liberal Arts Alliance from within and outside the United States.

As part of her application, Ms. DIABATE produced a one-minute video, which may be found at:

Athens Democracy Forum (International New York Times and the United Nations) is an annual conference held in Athens, Greece, to explore the challenges facing democratic institutions globally. This event is attended by high level diplomats, senior NGO officials, and leaders of multinational corporations. The theme for 2022, “A Decade of Democracy: What Now”, explores setbacks democracies have faced after what looked like good news from many corners of the world a decade ago. This year’s programming will pursue two outcomes:

  1. Prepare youth to be more meaningfully involved now in decision-making on issues that will affect their lives and push students to act now.
  2. Give youth a global perspective by working with peers from other parts of the world and talking with business, community, government, and NGO leaders from around the world.