The application of Mr. Moussa DJABATE, Senior Lecturer at the School of Business & Social Sciences, has been accepted to attend the Blockchain Curriculum Development Institute Forum. This three-day event (October 31 – November 2) is organized by Morgan State University (MSU) in New Orleans, LA. MSU is a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) located in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Forum is a global event bringing together forty faculty from diverse backgrounds who will meet under the leadership of MSU to discuss issues related to the Blockchain technology development. Three faculty were selected from Africa.

Participants will work in small groups under the supervision of experts from leading universities in the US. The work consists of hands-on sessions to develop course content, lesson plans, teaching notes and other support materials. In addition to the practical session, Mr. DJABATE will speak about the change that IUGB will implement, which is about the insertion of the Blockchain technology in the CIS 3327 (Introduction to Information Security) course. He will similarly meet with other HBCU member delegations during the Forum where we will share information on the operative aspects of the Blockchain functioning. This forum will instruct him in the best implementation of the Blockchain technology in our CIS program.