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IUGB – Providing a World of Opportunity – Adou Donatien’s Story

Donatien ADOU and his sponsor Honorable Felix ANOBLE (2)Adou Donatien’s story is one of hard work dedication and a burning desire to excel academically with an eye to playing a significant role in the world community.

It is also the story how one university– the International University of Grand-Bassam (IUGB)—made it possible for Abou to begin making that dream a reality.

Adou entered IUGB in January 2012 as a freshman and graduated in July 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a minor in economics. Adou’s goal was to “work harder than ever to make..the entire IUGB community proud.” And that’s just what happened.. He received IUGB’s first Presidential Scholar Award, which covered expenses associated with attending summer school in the U.S.  Adou held a 4.01 cumulative GPA and was president of the Student Government Association.

Adou  found IUGB to be a dynamic institution with a highly qualified faculty that improved every  year through his graduation. He said, “ I am very passionate about public policy and wanted to understand how policies are made, why they are so disconnected from the reality of the grassroots in my country.” Once at IUGB, he looked for a major where he could find some of thoese answers.

He said, “My ultimate goal was to get into a PhD program after my bachelor’s degree at IUGB.  By working closely with the right people and utilizing the resources IUGB offered, I was accepted into a PhD program fully funded; making my dream become true.”  After graduation Adou remained close to Mr. Felix Ahoussi, the director of student affairs at IUGB, who became a mentor.  He then interned for a free market think tank (Audace Institut Afrique) trying to influence public policy in Côte d’Ivoire. As a member of its scientific committee, Adou represented the Institute at various international forums including in Miami and South Africa where he won the second prize of the best African projects for his rural land titling program.

After IUGB Adou received offers from from four  U.S. Institutions (Temple University, Georgia State University, University of Houston and the University of Missouri-Columbia); two in England (The London School of Economics and Bristol University) and one in Singapore (the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy) for fall 2017.   He chose the University of Missouri-Columbia because of their political science program that offers public policy as a sub-field.

Adou added, “Naturally I want a PhD so that I can join important organizations like the World Bank Group, where my future work on policy issues can have as much impact as possible.” He also said, “Ultimately, I would love to help my country have strong and visionary policies.”

Adou said he owes a lot to Mr. Felix ANOBLE, a local businessman and politician who decided to fully fund his bachelor’s degree because of Adou’s excellent results in San Pedro high-school.

He also noted, “I will always be grateful to everyone at IUGB  for making my life a success and for continuously supporting me from the time I first set foot in the school. “

Adou may not be typical of every IUGB alumnus, but he does illustrate what can happen when superior talent and an outstanding educational institution come together. For Adou and many like him at IUGB, the sky’s the limit!